4th of July Celebration

It was a wonderful day, as Charlestonians came together to celebrate Independence Day with a parade and program on the Charleston square. The parade consisted of decorated vehicles, horses, side-by-sides, and golf carts.

After the parade, a program was held on the west side of the Court House. Multiple speakers honored local veterans, many of which were in attendance for the program. Local musicians also performed patriotic pieces, and some of our local political candidates briefly introduced themselves and asked for support in the upcoming election.

Overall, it was a very nice day. Thanks to everyone who attended and made it so great.


We thank these political candidates who registered to speak at CARE’s Independence Day program:

Jimmy Fly, Carol Turner, Lance Tennyson, Zipora Hudson, Anita Greenwood, Daphane Neal, Clifton Harris, Tommy Reynolds and Frank Chambers.

We also thank that those caring citizens who entered a decorated vehicle or horse to ride in the Independence Day parade:

Don Davis, Jimmy Fly, Lance Tennyson, David and Don Howard, Ellison Bowen, Joe Wrenn, “Doodie”, Walter Kimble, “Hot Pocket”, Sapha Simmons, David and Carol Hargett, Leon Smith, Daphene Neal, Randy Cook, John Ball Burnett, Carol Turner, Sandra Peters, Emma Brown and Ellie Donaldson, Deborah Rainey and Rainey Lang, and Jimmy Ivy.

Last but certainly not least is a long list of those who planned, promoted, lined-up, set-up, donated for concessions, etc. and helped clean-up. If we neglected to mention your contribution please let us know.

They are: Carol and Al Roark, Brandon, Krista and Clay McFerrin, Carol and David Hargett, Steve Hargett, Carolyn and Charles Johnson, Bob and Charlotte Richards, Dana and Ray Clolinger, John B. Burnett, Glenna Callender, Linda Nelson, Mayor S. Smith, Jimmy Fly, Rev. Joe May, Rev. Ray Branch, Lloyd Smith, Leon Smith, Fonda Workman, Ann Reynolds, Donna Ryals, Sylvia Hickey, Susan Mabus, Lyn Hardy, Joe Wrenn, JeanE Hackman, George Hackman, Isabelle Hays, Norma Platt, Eleanor Worsham, Tim Buckley, Justin Gammage,  Jimmy Stennet, Jon Taylor, CARE board and members.